Project Description


Online Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing that compensates sales agents and publishers solely based on the amount of sales made, mostly on individual unit sale price. A company sells its products by registering publishers to sell the products to their followers and customers for a commission basis on each sold unit.


The Affiliate Marketing Course would teach students how to use and enroll for affiliate marketing, the affiliate marketing platforms and how to maximize commissions from affiliate marketing.


  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • Enrolling in an Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Tips and tricks to improve Affiliate Marketing
  • Types of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Earn from Local Affiliate Program
Adnan Zaka
Adnan ZakaCourse Tutor
Adnan Zaka is Telecom graduate and a businessman. His experience as a businessman inspired him to work on the question of fighting against unemployment. His prime focus is to find ways to do his part making every individual earn a smart living.
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