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Content Writing, the two words that drive the world of internet. Out of the world’s total population of 7.7 billion people, more than 4.2 billion can be classified as internet users. That’s a whopping ratio of 55.1%. Considering words as the primary medium of communication over the internet, around half of the world communicates through each other via written content.
Content writing is the process of putting words into context in order to communicate ideas and details over the internet. Which means, every individual or company that intends to communicate over the internet, either needs to write content, or hire a content writer. If the world cannot survive without the internet, the internet cannot survive without content. As a professional content writer, you can make as much money as any other profession in this world, you just need to learn the art of selling and scaling yourself. But before that, you need to learn the art of content writing. And believe me, it’s not as simple as writing. ‘Writing’ and `Content Writing’ are related, yet very different.

Adnan Zaka
Adnan ZakaCourse Tutor
Adnan Zaka is Telecom graduate and a businessman. His experience as a businessman inspired him to work on the question of fighting against unemployment. His prime focus is to find ways to do his part making every individual earn a smart living.
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