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As per 2018 Freelance industry survey the average hourly rate of Digital & Social Media Manager was $17.5. Considering the huge potential in this industry, this course is specifically designed for individuals to teach them digital and social media marketing concepts in such a way that they become handy skills which they can utilize not only in their careers or business but also start working as a freelancers in this billion dollar industry. The course will be divided into various digital media marketing concepts and strategies which will be both easy to understand and implement. The participants will learn how to effectively use the social media platforms and all the relevant tools and by the end of this course they will be able to become a professional Social Media Manager & Marketer.


  • Introduction to Marketing, Concepts and Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing, Tools and Platforms
  • Facebook, Introduction and Significance
  • Twitter, Snapchat & WhatsApp Marketing
  • Facebook Ads/Pixel, Retargeting, Creation of General Audience + Custom/Lookalike
  • Mailchimp & Manychat integration and concepts
  • SMS Marketing, Concept & Strategies
  • Introduction of SEG + SEM concepts
Hassan Shahbaz
Hassan ShahbazCourse Tutor
Hassan an MBA from IBA has affiliations with SITA University & LUMS along with certifications from CompTIA, EXIN & CISCO. With an experience of Digital & Social Media Marketing, his focus is enabling the students to learn the art of digital marketing.
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